Great Expectations of Lake County


Great Expectations Rates and Services

Homemaker Services-Provides services such as; laundry care, meal planning and preparation, and routine household cleaning.

Supported Living Services-Provides services that ensure the overall health, safety and wellbeing of individuals.  These services include tasks such as; scheduling and attending medical/dental appointments, money management/banking skills, assisting individuals with self-medication skills, working on individuals with safety skills, assisting individuals with their household maintenance skills, meal planning and preparation skills and a variety of other daily living skills that will assist individuals with maintaining the maximum amount of independence that they are able to.

Supported Employment Services- Provides services that assist individuals with finding and maintaining active community employment.  Supported Employment Services also assist with; on the job training, job carving, assisting employers with understanding tax incentives that may be available to them, etc..

In-Home Support Services- Provides services that assist individuals with daily living tasks both at home and out in the community.  In-Home Support Services covers a wide range of assistance that includes tasks such as; meal planning and preparation, self-medication, scheduling and keeping track of medical/dental appointments, household maintenance, money management/banking, laundry care, community inclusion, meal planning and preparation skills and a variety of other daily living skills.

Personal Care Assistance-  Provides services that assist individuals with daily tasks that they are unable to perform themselves.  Personal Care Assistance assists individuals with tasks such as; personal hygiene, household maintenance, laundry care and meal planning and preparation.

Residential Habilitation- Provides twenty-four hour daily care to individuals living in our licensed family homes.  This service assists individuals with a wide range of daily living skills based on the goals that they wish to achieve.

Respite Care-  Provides hour or daily care to individuals.  This service is offered to give family caregivers a break from the daily care they provide to their loved ones.

Special Olympics- Great Expectations will now be coaching bocce, volleyball and soccer for the Olympics.  If interested please call our main number for practice times and dates.


 * For information on service rates, please contact our main office.  We will be glad to meet with you at your convenience.*

Hands on personal care provided exclusively for Medicaid Waiver Participants only.





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